Join the 2019 GA Youth Virtual Choir!

🎤 Learn how your voice can be heard at General Assembly 🎤 

You're invited to the 1st ever Virtual Choir! This remote collaboration works by recording your singing and sending it in to us. We'll stitch together all of the singers into one giant sonic collage debuting at General Assembly! Can't travel to Des Moines? No worries! Our Church will see and experience your powerful voice & the young people throughout the Disciples of Christ. This is your chance! Show the world what God's doing through your generation.  

How to easily record your singing:

How can you take part? It's easy! You'll need two devices, which can be a computer, laptop, tablet, iPad, mobile phone, or any combination. Use the bigger device to play the rehearsal video corresponding to your voice part and practice with it, then when you're ready, use the second (or smaller) device record a video of yourself singing. Then send that video in by June 15. 

Practice with the Entire Song below:


Record Your Voice Part:

Soprano Voice Part:

Alto Voice Part:

Baritone Voice Part:

Ready to send your video? Here's how:

  • Export your video (under 2GB) 
  • Go to 
  • In the "Email To" spot: Type in
  • In the "Your Email" spot: Type in your email 
  • Click on the "Add Your Files" and upload your exported video.  
  • In the message box type your name and GA Virtual Choir.  
  •  Hit transfer 
  • You should receive a confirmation email that your file was sent.  
  • If you are having difficulties with this please reach out to

⏰ Hurry! Deadline is June 15th... tick tock ⏰